Dear world, millennials are no longer on their way in.

They’ve arrived. 

In the past year, millennials have overtaken Boomers as the largest generational group in the US economy. The millennial generation is no longer emerging, it’s mainstream.

With this shift, marketers have been clamoring for millennials’ attention. And for good reason: Millennials are now entering their prime spending years, and slated to become the largest spending cohort within the next five years. Here’s why that’s a big deal: 

Numbers like these are a recipe for serious spending power. Take a look at what to expect:

By now you should realize that this is a powerful generation. While there’s a lot of industry talk about how to reach millennials (social media, memes, and “trendy” design may come to mind), it’s time to finally get past the hype to real solutions. 

Using industry expertise and input from actual millennials, we’ve crafted four immediate, actionable approaches to millennial marketing that go beyond the talk. We’ll have more details coming soon, but you can get a sneak peek of solutions for reaching millennials here:

  • Know Me: A “research-first” approach to understanding, reaching, and communicating with unique audiences through shared goals and values based on attitudes rather than demographics.
  • Engage Me: Shared moments crafted through deep expertise in trigger-based campaigns and life event marketing.
  • Involve Me: Collaborative brand building informed by 1-1 marketing roots with proven methods of building 2-way interaction vs. traditional 1-way brand advertising.
  • Reach Me: Finding connections between your existing customers and the millennials they influence using data-driven means of activating audience and increasing engagement on minimal investment. 

Already picturing how your brand could leverage these millennial marketing solutions? We thought so. We’ll have more insights soon on how to reach millennials and start accessing actionable, cost-effective solutions.

In the meantime, contact us for an exclusive presentation about this powerful generation.