I start every workday morning by reading through some of my favorite blogs. It helps me ease into the day, keeps me current, and is great fuel for my social channels.

I primarily focus on content marketing, so naturally the blogs I read are closely related to this, but there are times when I want to learn more about other marketing subjects, such as UX, and how they impact content.

With approximately two million blogs published every day, it can be difficult to find great blogs on subjects you may not be so familiar with. Sure, you can do a quick Google search and see what bubbles up to the top, but I’m interested in blogs that my peers advocate.

I reached out to some Quattro employees to see what they think are the best marketing blogs out there today on a variety of marketing disciplines.

Check out their responses below (along with some of my favorites).

1. Content Marketing Institute

Consider this your go-to resource for all things content marketing. Founded by Joe Pulizzi, CMI provides excellent articles and educational resources that will help you become incredibly knowledgeable in the discipline and improve your current strategy in no time.

2. HubSpot

This is one of our agency’s favorites. There are a great variety of authors that cover a wide range of marketing, sales, and professional topics. The blogs are engaging and we love how they’re separated into different streams so you can easily find topics you’re looking for.

3. CopyBlogger

With a core focus on writing, this blog will equip you with everything you need to write killer online content. The bloggers are not afraid to push the boundaries of what content/copy “should be” and provide personal perspectives and opinions that will get you thinking outside of the box.

4. Social Media Examiner

Did you hear about the latest Instagram advertising update? How about Snapchat’s new interface for publishers? Social Media Examiner will provide you with all things social to keep your knowledge current while teaching you how to apply it to your business.

5. Marketing Profs

This site provides expertise on an extensive range of topics and is an excellent resource for articles/blogs, trainings, and resources. If you’re looking for information on any marketing topic, I’d be shocked if they haven’t covered it in some way. Their Chief Content Officer, Ann Handley, was one of our favorite speaker’s at last year’s Content Marketing World.

6. eMarketer

With a heavy focus on research and digital, eMarketer is an excellent resource when you need to find data to support what you’re working on. Plus, they cover many different industries and are always conducting studies that provide in-depth insight to help shape your marketing plans and strategies.

7. Moz

Looking for the latest trends, tips, and changes in SEO? Look no further. Moz, founded by Rand Fishkin, will keep you current with the latest trends impacting search. They also do Whiteboard Fridays, which are a favorite resource for some of our employees.

8. Fast Company

This site has something for everyone. You will find great articles about innovation, technology, design, and more. Our leadership team is a big fan of this one and finds it to be inspirational and informative by covering trends and showing how they apply to different industries.

9. Smashing Magazine

A favorite among our design team, Smashing Magazine provides up-to-date news on the front-end development and design world while being informative and fun to read. It’s not too full of technical jargon and you can count on getting quality content from the authors who contribute.

There will always be great blogs that we can add to this, but hopefully this gives you some insight into ones outside of your bookmarked list.

What top marketing blogs do you love? Let us know on Twitter @QuattroPhilly.