They say that SEO is dead. They’re dead wrong.

As resident SEO guru at Quattro, I’ve heard that line month after month, year after year for at least the last 15. But through every panic, plummet, pickup, and par, Search Engine Optimization has proven itself a stalwart, strategy-driven marketing tactic and channel. New avenues, like paid search, social, and influencer marketing, have ebbed and flowed. Global recessions and technological revolutions have crested and fallen. And yet, SEO marches on, continuously returning on investments at a steady clip. Even now, against the backdrop of unprecedented uncertainty, new evidence is pointing to the truth: SEO is alive—and it’s essential to your business. It always has been, and it always should be.

A new survey by Conductor indicates that Organic Search was the top-performing online channel of 2019. And more tellingly, of the 317 marketers surveyed, 63% said SEO would gain in importance in the coming months. What’s driving this decision? Well for one, SEO has a proven, cockroach-esque durability. Along with email, it’s one of the oldest digital marketing outlets, surviving the dot-com bust, social media boom, mobile rise, housing collapse, and countless other national and natural disasters. Sure, it’s evolved frequently and dramatically over all that time, but those of us who work to understand those changes have been gifted with the ability to tame them.

That’s why Search Engine Optimization is, and will continue to be, the backbone of 99.9% of all businesses.

It might be mysterious, hard to perfect, and slower to bloom, but SEO is stable, consistent, and infinitely, demonstrably, valuable. To paraphrase a famous Gotham City Police Commissioner, “SEO is the hero we need, but not the one we imagined we needed right now.” And just like the Dark Knight himself, just like each and every one of us getting by in these trying times, its most valuable asset is its resiliency.

Quattro is here to help navigate your SEO journey immediately, with no ramp-up time or murky marketing-strategy schedule. With our expertise, clients have grown both their year-over-year organic click rate and total impressions by an average of over 50%. Team up with us now to help weather the storm and ensure you’re in the best position possible when things start to bounce back.

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