Starting January 2024, Google’s Demand Gen will replace Discovery campaigns, allowing advertisers to creatively engage new audiences on YouTube, Google Discover, and Gmail through immersive visuals, lookalike audience targeting, and advanced reporting.

Before diving in, if your Google Discovery campaigns just updated to Demand Gen Campaigns and you’re looking for a partner to assist in evaluating and optimizing performance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

What is Google’s Demand Gen?

Loaded with features, Google’s Demand Gen campaign helps advertisers fill the top of their funnel, generating awareness through creative videos, expanded audience targeting, and improved workflows. It replaces Discovery campaigns, offering social advertisers a creative way to reach new audiences on YouTube, Google Discover, and Gmail. 

This new AI-powered campaign will help drive conversions like form submissions and add-to-carts for websites offering services or e-commerce products. Google’s AI allows marketers to build effective campaigns more easily and make adjustments on the fly by leveraging real-time insights and recommendations.

Who should use Demand Gen?

Advertisers looking to reach new customers can drive demand across Google’s entertainment-focused channels with Demand Gen. Social marketers can take advantage of the suite of new tools and features to build attention-grabbing campaign assets that include both images and videos. 

This new campaign type is ideal for reaching new audiences by generating demand and brand awareness with compelling visual assets, making it great for businesses looking to get their product or service in front of new potential customers.

 “It’s built to help advertisers who buy on social platforms find and convert consumers with immersive, relevant, and visual creatives that grab attention and spur action in the right moment.”

– Tobias Maurer, Group Product Manager, Demand Gen campaigns


What are the new features of Demand Gen?

  • Show off your creativity with video and image ads to generate demand on YouTube and YouTube Shorts, in addition to Gmail and Google Discovery.
  • Reach new audiences by creating lookalike segments by matching your first-party customer data with Google’s audience intent and interest signals.
  • Optimize campaign performance by choosing bidding options to maximize clicks to drive website traffic or conversions to drive action.
  • Leverage the redesigned workflow to create, preview, and A/B test your ads across different devices and placements, such as desktops, mobile phones, tablets, or TV screens.
  • Get more insight into ad performance with advanced reporting and measurement features, such as conversion paths and brand lift reports.


Why use Demand Gen?

The number one reason to use Demand Gen is to engage with new audiences and potential customers. With this campaign type, advertisers will be able to build creative visuals and show up in feeds where customers frequently discover new products and services.

With so many social media platforms and advertising networks, marketers are always wondering where to put their ads. But with Demand Gen, you can kick off campaigns that show up on YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Google Discover, and Gmail. It’s like putting your products or services in the spotlight where everyone’s looking.

 “63% of consumers discover new products or brands on Google feeds, among those 91% took action immediately.”

  Google Support, ‘About Demand Gen campaigns’

Demand Gen leverages AI-powered features to creatively put together ads, bid efficiently, and report on campaign performance. These AI integrations help marketers blend copy with captivating visuals to create engaging advertisements that effectively reach their target audience.

Get started with Google Demand Gen

This new campaign type is available to all Google Ads accounts by creating a new campaign, choosing your objective, and then selecting Demand Gen as the campaign type.

For marketers running Google Discovery campaigns, the transition to Demand Gen will be easy enough, with all Google Discovery campaigns officially transitioning to Google Demand Gen starting in January 2024.

Reach out to our experts for help setting up a new Demand Gen campaign, optimizing a transitioned Discovery campaign, or strategizing on how this new campaign type can fit into your existing marketing funnel.

Optimizing beyond the algorithm

While it may be tempting to rely solely on Google AI for campaign performance improvements, this assumption falls short. Reaching the full potential of your Demand Gen campaign requires more than trust in the algorithm. Without essential inputs such as creative assets, well-researched keywords, and correct technical setup, your campaigns will never reach their full potential.

If you’re seeking a partner to navigate the dynamic landscape of Demand Gen, Quattro is here for you. Connect with our team to take your paid media tactics to the next level. From there, we’ll review your goals, recommend effective strategies, and provide budget, bidding, and ad content and assets, allowing you to focus on your business. Let us recommend the right combination of paid search tactics to reach your audience.

Demand Gen campaign best practices

Start by gathering the necessary creative assets, including copy for headlines and descriptions, images, logos, and videos. Quattro’s creative team can help by creating unique images and video assets that fit your brand and meet Google’s format and sizing standards. Google recommends using high-quality image and video files that feature minimal text. To achieve better results, it’s best to include as many assets and asset types as possible. Work with our team to make sure you have the best creative assets for your campaigns.

Ensure conversions are set up properly with your Google tag by testing your desired conversion action. As experts in both the technical and creative sides of Google Ads, we can set up, test, and leverage conversion tracking in reporting, so you clearly see results. Reach out to our team to get support with setting up or troubleshooting conversion actions and choosing the right actions to optimize performance. Proper conversion tracking is essential to Demand Gen’s ability to produce optimal results.

Your budget will depend on several factors, including your goals, desired conversion action, and possibly your current CPA metrics for related campaigns. If setting a target CPA based on historical performance, Google recommends a budget of at least 15 times your anticipated CPA.

Whether you need assistance with Demand Gen campaigns or other digital marketing initiatives, we are here to help. Quattro offers full-service digital advertising solutions, from paid media to SEO to creative services and more.

Where do Demand Gen campaigns fit into your marketing strategy?

By evaluating your goals and KPIs, we’ll be able to determine where a Demand Gen campaign can fit into your marketing strategy. Our creative department can help create or source assets that match your brand. We’ll leverage our tools and expertise to craft the right ad copy through competitive and keyword research. 

Whether you need help with Demand Gen campaigns or other digital marketing initiatives, we are here to help. Quattro offers full-service digital advertising solutions, from paid media to SEO to creative services and more.