Every so often, if you’re lucky, you have the opportunity to work with someone who is truly selfless, has a “never say never” attitude, and who doesn’t know the meaning of it can’t be done. Sometimes you get to work with someone who truly finds the good in just about everything and everyone, someone who is disciplined, smart, focused, hard working, and funny. But that’s only if you’re lucky.

Trust us, we’re really lucky here at Quattro. We have an agency of talented people who produce great work. As each year comes to an end, we award the Q-Ball of the Year to a special employee who passionately goes above and beyond at work each day.

Meet Quattro’s 2017 Q-Ball of the Year: 


Ruth Anne Berry, Production Manager

Ruth Anne has truly embodied our core values since her first day. She amazes our clients directly and indirectly every day, passionately plays allin, exemplifies what a team player is, and is a proactive, results-driven problem solver. She is truly a trusted partner.

You will never hear Ruth Anne say, “That’s not my job. Rather, she always asks, “How can I help?” She constantly asks to be involved in other department tasks in order to learn and be a team player. She has supported every department this year, which is an outstanding and unique accomplishment. 

In addition to embodying Quattro values, Ruth Anne delivers on character values as well. She’s honest, respectful, responsible, and caring.

Ruth Anne cares about the work she does. She refuses to let her colleagues down, and always puts 110% into everything she is tasked with. She never complains or pushes responsibility to others. She owns what she sets out to do, and she delivers. She is a true collaborator. 

Unrelenting curiosity is part of Ruth Anne’s DNA. These characteristics only make her stronger, and we’re lucky to work with her every day!

Ruth Anne is incredibly deserving of this award. She is a true Q-Ball!

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