If you asked anyone from Quattro’s team his or her favorite part about working here, you’d probably hear, “The talented people I work with.”

We’re proud of the great people and great work that happens inside these agency walls. But there comes a time at the end of each year to honor one special employee who both embodies Quattro’s DNA and exceeds expectations every day. This person is Quattro’s Q-Ball of the Year.  

Last year, the inaugural award was given to not one, but three exceptional Q-Balls. For 2016, it has been narrowed to one dedicated and deserving professional.

Meet Quattro’s 2016 Q-Ball of the Year: 

Adam Feinstein, Production Artist

Adam works every day to become the best creative professional he can be.

He puts his heart into his work, regardless of whether it’s for a client or for Quattro’s own marketing materials. And even though the clients he’s touched and his Quattro fans have raved about his work, he continues without fanfare or fuss.

Adam listens, confirms, then delivers. His love for the work and the agency, as well as his passion for the creative process, enables him to develop concepts that are top notch. If he makes a mistake, he owns it and gets back on the horse. He sweats the details and his work ethic proves it.

Adam worked tirelessly with many others and led the charge to take Quattro’s site to a whole new level (which was a particular challenge, as agencies have the unique ability of being their own most difficult client). Regardless, he persevered to deliver unique design solutions that set us apart from our competition. He didn’t do this single-handedly, which also speaks to his ability to collaborate with teammates.

Adam speaks of the agency in the first person as his own family. When he’s not heads down in design, he’s also our social arbiter of business development. Going out of his way to look for new business opportunities for Quattro, Adam brings us potential new clients without asking or being overbearing.

In short, he’s poised to be an up-and-coming mover and shaker. He’s Adam Feinstein – Quattro’s Q-ball of the Year 2016!

See his work in the flesh by checking out the new Quattro website.