Our Client

Vituity is a physician-owned and -led partnership committed to transforming healthcare and improving patient lives. Founded 50 years ago by a group of like-minded emergency medicine physicians, the organization now has 5,000 clinicians seeing more than 8 million patients annually in 450 practice locations.

Our Story

Quattro provides integrated digital services for Vituity, including on-page and off-page SEO, reporting, paid search, paid social, and programmatic. Technical SEO is the cornerstone of our organic search efforts and a key part of our successful launch of the new Vituity website
in 2023.

In addition, we align the organization’s social messaging to tie in with SEO, paid media, and programmatic channels. We test extensively with paid advertising campaigns, resulting in improved click-through rates, decreased bounce rates, and increased time on site.

Products & Services
Healthcare services

Campaign Goals
Lead generation

Paid search
Organic search
Paid social

When Vituity was ready to optimize their brand awareness and lead generation, they brought in a specialist.