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Becoming a Pre-Mover Marketing Pioneer


The Approach

With 90% of people making major purchase decisions before moving to a new home, Verizon had a real problem. Because as customers were packing up and leaving their homes behind, they were leaving Verizon behind, too.

Quattro had a solution. So we partnered with Verizon to turn this moving dilemma into marketing magic — magic that would last for 10+ years.

The secret's in the segmentation.
A successful direct response marketing campaign is equal parts opportunity, creativity, and strategy. It takes the right data to reach the right people with the right message. So we tapped into proprietary lists of customers and prospects preparing to move — reaching them before competitors even knew they existed.

When someone was preparing to move, Verizon was top of mind during the transition. We made sure of it.


Success Delivered

Early creative testing led to a new direct mail (DM) control for Verizon. But we didn’t stop there. Instead, we took to the lab, testing 40+ separate creative DM packages. Soon, we beat the control. And then again. And then again and again.

With 11.5 million DM packages sent, our pre-mover program became Verizon’s top-performing direct mail program for over 6 years. And that was just the start.

In the end, we formed a rich and lasting partnership with Verizon that helped them keep customers and win new ones — all before they unpacked a single box.

Pull Quote
Quattro always knows when (and how far) to push the envelope.

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