When it comes to supplemental health insurance products, competition in the group benefits category continues to escalate at an unprecedented rate. The client tapped us to find a way to position its suite of employee benefit offerings to get the attention of brokers and employees alike.

Insurance Magazines
Two Insurance magazines


So how do you acquire a significant presence in an already crowded arena? For starters, brokers had to be convinced to offer our client’s group benefits over those of the competition. Also, the employees had to be convinced to choose this company’s group benefits package over others during open enrollment.


Quattro positioned our client as a true competitor in their marketplace. The agency brought the client’s suite of benefits to life through engaging, informative, and easy to digest communication assets. From focus groups to market implementation, the results showed a wide-spread understanding of what our client has to offer, as well as growth in employee enrollment and new accounts.

Cover and full page Insurance magazine
Open Insurance magazine


Through engaging, informative, and easy-to-read communication materials, we delivered these impactful results to our client.

In focus groups: 

  • 89% improvement in understanding
  • 91% preference of new materials over old

In market: 

  • 16% boost in employee enrollment
  • 8% increase in account growth

Through their comprehensive products – and our marketing expertise – the client secured a stronghold in the marketplace for the foreseeable future.

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