For the 2016 NASCAR season, ditech teamed up with veteran driver Kevin Harvick. This gave ditech access to the nation’s #1 spectator sport, while also cementing their association with a storied winner.

Drive down your mortgage sweepstakes
Ditech Sponsored Kevin Harvick Racing


The challenge with all athlete sponsorships is how to convert brand association into leads, as many campaigns fail to penetrate deeper than the awareness level. 

After ditech inked their deal with Kevin Harvick, they asked Quattro to create a campaign around a compelling call to action.


Introducing Drive Down Your Mortgage. This season-long campaign featured a sweepstakes where fans could enter to win $20,000 every time Kevin Harvick won a Sprint Cup Series race. Quattro designed the entire experience – which took place online. Collateral work also included web banners, social media content (organic and paid), search ads, video, and direct mail pieces.

Drive Down Your Mortgage Sweepstakes
Revin' with Kevin Social Media Campaign


Through our fully integrated campaign, Drive Down Your Mortgage generated over 1,000,000 views on social media that converted to more than 25,000 leads in its first two weeks. Where some athlete sponsorships amount to little more than buzz – ditech, Harvick, and Quattro put the hammer down, converting leads all the way to Victory Lane.

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