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Recruiting the Next Generation of Volunteers

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Pay it forward. Earn the Pin.


The American Red Cross of Eastern Pennsylvania relies on its committed team of volunteers to meet its important mission. This commitment is symbolized by the organization’s Pin, which has been worn by volunteers, nurses, and donors since 1906.


The American Red Cross is known for producing emotional campaigns that tug beautifully on heartstrings in a call for donations. For this campaign, the message was to be a call for volunteers – asking for something more valuable than people’s money – their time. 

Quattro turned the organization’s vintage symbol into a rallying call for volunteers: Pay it forward. Earn the Pin. This inspirational campaign spanned multi-channels including TV, digital, print, social, and transit.

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Quattro turned the organization’s vintage symbol into a rallying call for volunteers: Pay it forward. Earn the Pin. The Pass the Pin campaign was so successful, in fact, that the American Red Cross had to order an additional 2,500 Pins for all of their new volunteers.

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