I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Philadelphia is sort of the place to be right now. Fresh off hosting the Democratic National Convention and having a visit paid by the Pope last summer, Lonely Planet named the City of Brotherly Love the best place to travel in the U.S. for 2016. But if you live in or around the city, you knew that already. We just had to brag a little bit. You’re also probably aware of the significant presence of content marketing and social media in Greater Philadelphia as well. But are you getting the industry insights and connecting with the right Philly marketing professionals? We took a look at the marketing conversation over the last year (August 2015 – August 2016) and found the most influential content and social marketers on Twitter in Philadelphia. Here’s what—and who— you need to know.

Who’s Making the Most Noise?


Well, well, well…if it isn’t our good friend Michael Brenner (who we spent a day with recently) at the top of the list. As the CEO of Marketing Insiders and a frequent keynote speaker, it’s no surprise that Brenner is the most prolific on social within Philadelphia—along with Marketing Strategist Debra Andrews and Social Media Consultant Lisa Illman. Between the ten of the above influencers, they churned out a whopping total of 10,238 pieces about social and content marketing within the last year alone. Now that’s how you do Twitter.

Influence by Klout Score


It’s not just about your frequency on social, though. It’s imperative to take into account the influence your personal brand possesses. Thanks to the addition of Klout on Crimson Hexagon’s Forsight platform, we’ve uncovered Philly’s most influential marketers along with their Klout scores. There’s a great blend here of marketing strategists, writers, educators and speakers from the surrounding area—all worth reaching out to and sharing content with.

What are they talking about?



When you look at this topic wheel, the real question is: What are they talking about within content and social? Best practices, tips, tools, and strategy are just at the surface of what these influencers provide for their followers and, more than likely, their clients.



It’s worth noting, too, that these marketers don’t just publish content and social insights, but also B2B, digital, and email marketing spaces. This is a great rule of thumb for your own social channels. Want to be a well-rounded marketer? Cover all of your bases in social as well. As you can see, Philly isn’t just a destination for tourism, but a hotbed for influential marketers. We know a thing or two about marketing as well. Here’s a little of what we’ve done.