Coming up with content is never easy. But it is vital to your online presence. That’s why whenever I get asked to write a blog post, I like to keep things simple with a few reliable tips and tricks. One of my favorites is starting with a short, relatable, exciting declaration, followed by a longer, comma-laden sentence that starts to explain what exactly it is I’m doing. Another goodie? Ending a paragraph with a powerful, three-pronged thesis: to inspire better content, lead by example, and fill up this blank word document.

Once you have your reader’s attention, it’s important to keep it. Your topic has to be relevant to your audience. Nobody likes reading content about writing content. That’s boring. They want to learn why they should do it, too — what it means to them. How it proves a company’s leadership. And makes their social feed more interesting. And builds faith with their customers. And increases their conversion from improved search rankings by up to 6X. That last one is huge, but it takes a little cooperative artistry with your SEO department. You’ve got to work in the keywords they give you, but please, have some restraint.

For instance, when writing content about content writing, you want to make sure you’re not writing the words “content writing” right after you just wrote “writing content about content writing.” Sure, it’ll boost your search results for anyone who googles “content writing,” or “writing on content writing,” but the content you’re writing becomes a slurry of overreaching algorithmic outreach, leaving your content-writing readers writing letters of malcontent.

By the way, content doesn’t even have to be written.

Picture of cat for high quality content
It could be a picture of your cat. As long as it’s relevant to your audience. And cats are the best content creators the internet has ever known, so I think we’re good here.

cat infographic content

Infographics are another great option. The purrfect meowage of copy and design, they keep things fresh for your readers while distilling information into a cat-ptivating morsel.

Most importantly, you never want your content to be egregiously advertorial. Be authentic and empathetic — now’s not the time to self-sell. Even the slightest pitchiness can seem off-key. That’s why we world-class wordsmiths at Quattro take pride in our ability to weave in a plug elegantly at the end of your piece, hitting your readers with a desire to connect right when they least expect it. Just reach out and we can make it happen for you.

Now, go out there and finish whatever it is you’re trying to say with a badly misremembered quote. To butcher the words of the bard, “Now is the winter of our content, made summer by this glorious blog post.”

With a better understanding of how to create high-quality content, now you can put all of those ideas together with a content marketing strategy.