Remember that feeling you had when you first started your job? You swore the sensation was like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Heck, the first time you saw the hiring manager you were nervous. You probably even overdressed. But it didn’t matter because sparks flew. The conversation was great, and boy, the place looked sharp. They asked you out again, introduced you to some employees, and this time there was talk of a potential future together.

The next thing you knew, a couple dates turned into a relationship. You were hired. And man, you were in love.

Unfortunately, the honeymoon phase you thought would last didn’t. Sure, you still enjoy their company and what they offer you, but it’s become something you take for granted, because, well, you’re with it everyday.

This crazy little thing you once called love has become a daily routine—a day-to-day undertaking you just kind of…do. And it’s at this moment where you need to reevaluate your place in the relationship.

So, you need to learn how to love your job again. Here’s where to start:

1. Celebrate victories. 

Recognize the projects you completed and the obstacles you’ve overcome, even if they seem small. And don’t just stop at victories. Acknowledge things like annual anniversaries and milestones you have with your workplace. This will remind you why this connection is important to the success of the relationship.

2. Shake up your daily routine. 

One of the first signs of trouble is when you go through the motions at work. When you come in at the same time and sit at the same desk with the same workload, weeks start to look identical. So shake it up. Try working on tasks in the morning you usually do in the afternoon, or get lunch with coworkers if you normally go home to eat. A change of pace can bring a change of perspective.

3. Learn more about what you do. 

Always keep in mind: you’re an authority on a subject, but that doesn’t mean learning stops there. Do more research, read a book, and attend a conference to reengage in your field. Don’t just become an authority; become THE authority.

4. Find your work-life balance. 

Constant early mornings and late nights at the office can cause burnout, which can make you drift. So it’s important to set aside “you” time away from your one and only. By establishing more time after hours for your outside passions or taking the occasional day off, you’ll feel revitalized in the workplace. Also: go on vacation!

5. Connect with colleagues. 

Learning more about your coworkers and their work is a great way to revive that connection between you and your job. Sit in meetings you wouldn’t normally attend and become a sponge. Conversely, try mentoring a novice or someone new at the office. They’ll appreciate it, and you’ll feel a sense of gratification.

6. Take a step back. 

Remove yourself from your job on occasion, and remind yourself why you enjoy doing what you do. Review your expertise, outline your tasks, and visualize how it moves the needle and satisfies you.

I’ll ask you again: think back to when you first fell in love with your job. It felt great, right? Now put these steps into action. And keep chasing that feeling, every day.