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We Are Quattro.Agency

We’re a close-knit family of creative and business professionals providing results-driven marketing solutions for clients both big and small.


Our people define our culture which is why we don’t hire resumes. Instead, we look for people who believe advertising is a passion — not just a profession. And, it’s this passion that drives us to be experts at what we do.


Scott Cohen

Managing Director

Tom McNamara

Managing Director

Tom Pitcherella

Managing Director

Dan Boerger

Managing Director

Dan Connolly

Content Writer

Scott Armstrong Jr.

Associate Copywriter

Dan Douglass

Group Creative Director

Amy McDonald

Senior Account Director

Stacey Greiner

VP, Group Account Director

Ashley Wetherhold

Director, Digital Strategy

Dan Lawler

SVP, Group Account Director

Tom Castagna

Art Director

Ed Rooney

Senior Account Director

Mike St. Martine

Associate Creative Director

Renee Klein


Anne Stevens

Account Director

Mike Giampietro


Randy Phillips

Senior Account Director

Matt Manderachi

Senior Art Director

Nancy Borowsky

Accounting Manager

Scott Armstrong

Creative Director

Ed Quigley

Director, Digital Media & Analytics

Julie Herbster

VP, Strategy

Jason Koscho

VP, Creative

Rebecca Ficca

Account Director

Chris Matsinger

VP, Operations & Technology

Meridith Oram

Account Director

Sean Kaenic

Senior Director, SEO & Digital Media

Adam Feinstein

Senior Designer

Ruth Anne Berry

Production Manager

Eric Hellberg

VP, Production

Lindsay Kelly

Account Executive

Erin Tennity

Production Manager

Lynda Taylor

VP, Group Account Director

John Siemienski

VP, Digital

Carlos Comella

Account Director

Mary Edwards

Senior Account Director

John Wargo

Creative Content Manager

Q Cares Logo@2x

Giving Back. Doing the Right Thing. Being Kind.

Opening up our doors, our talent, and our hearts to the Philadelphia region has always been a significant part of our DNA. qCares represents our ongoing effort to support those in need by rallying our local community, and our agency, to do good. Our ongoing charitable work for the American Red Cross, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Silver Springs Martin Luther School, and a host of other meaningful non-profit organizations keep us grounded and focused on what really matters — Profiting from the smiles of the families we help.

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